Energy Pipelines CRC


A pipeline life of 100 years is not impossible!

Energy Pipelines Cooperative Research Centre (EPCRC) is a newly established collaboration involving the Australian Pipeline Industry Association Research and Standards Committee, University of Adelaide, Australian National University, Monash University and the University of Wollongong. The EPCRC is supported by the Commonwealth of Australia under the Cooperative Research Centre Program Cooperative Research Centres (CRC).

The CRC aims to provide for the more efficient use of materials for energy pipelines, to extend the safe operating life of existing natural gas pipelines and facilitate construction of new pipelines for transmission of gas and emerging energy cycle fluids. These technical programs will be complemented by a program to optimise the public safety and organisational structures.

The CRC Program will contribute $17.5m over 10 years. In addition, industry will provide $10m in cash and $26m in-kind support and the research partners collectively $31m in-kind funding over the same period.

The startup procedure for EPCRC is now complete and the first research projects have commenced.

For more information contact Matthew Byers (Communications Officer, Energy Pipelines CRC) or visit


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